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When I’m not designing, I’m most likely either playing or listening to music. Some of my favorite projects have been working alongside musicians to help bring their music to life through album art. Moving forward, I hope to be part of many more projects like these.



Bedtime Story

This cover was collaged digitally to capture the youthful, dream-like sensation that the song conveys. The colors, imagery, and 3D effect were selected to contrast the child and adult in all of us.

Barrington's Biggest Mistakes EP Cover.j

Bad Planning

Barrington's Biggest Mistakes

This cover was made by cutting shapes, arranging them by hand, then scanning them into the computer. The band wanted a cover that could capture their Chicago pop-punk roots but also point towards the rock/emo side of their music, which influenced the colors and the rough textures behind the hand-stamped letters that form "BAD PLANNING". 


Cleveland Avenue

Stu Macher Is Shaggy Rogers

This cover was designed to look like the Scooby-Doo logo to go along with the theme of the song....What's New Cleveland Avenue?!

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